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Go ahead and pick up this handy little reference guide today. At $10 for a print copy or $7 for the eBook edition, it’s well worth it and you will be amazed at the messages it helps you see.

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Do you see number patterns daily?

If you’re like me, patterns like 555, 888 and 777 show up everywhere on a daily basis, including on buildings, vehicle license plates and even on TV shows! Similarly, numbers like 11:11 show up on clocks. 9:11 and 999 also seem to be a popular number sequences these days.

So what do these recurring number patterns mean? Fortunately, we have Doreen Virtue to help answer this question.

These patterns have been occurring for me since the fall of 2011. As soon as they began, I was immediately fascinated. As always, my curiosity led me to a book, in this case one of Doreen’s books called Angel Numbers 101. The book sort of just popped off the shelf for me, as odd as that may sound, and I quickly snapped it up.

Doreen’s book is the best little reference guide I’ve bought in years. I keep a copy everywhere; in the car, the bedroom, on my phone as an eBook. Since I have been seeing these numbers sequences, everywhere and at any time, keeping the guide handy has been very useful. The messages these sequences convey are fleeting so it’s important to look up the number pattern you see and extrapolate its corresponding message right away.

The idea behind these number patterns is quite simple:

  • Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters use these number patterns to communicate with you. It is one of many ways in which they convey messages to you.
  • Each number (0-9) has its own vibration and meaning and when you combine them into pairs and triplets, their messages become more specific.
  • The patterns you see usually speak to the thought you were having just before you saw the number sequence.

It’s quite remarkable how accurately the messages I receive pertain to my thoughts. I will be driving and suddenly, on a license plate, I’ll become transfixed on a random number like 448. It’s like I get intuitively nudged to look up the number. Sure enough, when I do, the message speaks directly to my thoughts with astonishing accuracy.