There’s nothing more exciting than knowing what your life purpose is and actually living it. The trouble is, it is not always easy to know if you are in fact on the right path.

That’s where Meditation and Divine Guidance comes into the picture.

Learn how to meditate and you will have access to a tool that will connect you with your sources of divine guidance (spirit guides, angels, ascended masters and other loving spiritual entities). Once you are connected, you will discover all sorts of truths about your life, including knowledge about how to discover your life’s purpose.

Three steps to connect with Divine Guidance

Connecting to divine guidance is remarkably quite simple to do.

There are three steps:

  1. Get Quiet
  2. Meditate
  3. And then… Listen

At first, you might find it difficult to flow through this process if you are not in practice but soon enough, it will become second nature. Realize that no matter how advanced or rudimentary your skills are, you will always be connected if you’re following the above process.

Establish a portal between yourself and a higher realm

Once your meditation skills improve, information will flow between you and your sources of divine guidance, freely and without much effort. This is when you will have a direct portal built up between you and a higher realm. While this flow of information is already in place for everyone, most people do not recognize or even hear the messages that come through. By learning how to meditate, you can train your mind to start recognizing the messages that your sources of divine guidance send you.

How to Meditate

If you have tried meditating in the past and have not been able to succeed, know that meditation is very much a simple practice. People often make it complicated because the first step (getting quiet) is not easy to do. That is where most people give up.

Here’s what you need to know:

    1. The key to success lies in first acknowledging that there is no right or wrong experience to have. Whatever you do experience during each session will be right for you.
    2. The second distinction is to constantly practice getting your mind to quiet down. To start, find a place to go where you won’t be bothered. Then, to get quiet, simply pick a word to focus on. See the letters that make up the word in your mind as if they stand as a building in front of you. Visualize yourself going into the space between the letters. It may be light or dark, just go with it… Once you are deeper inside this place of utter silence, you may start to see all kinds of light and colors. If at any time a random thought tries to enter your mind during this process, acknowledge it, slowly push it away and then get back to the space behind the letters of your chosen word. Continue to cycle through this process of pushing your thoughts aside, kindly and without judgment. In the beginning, you will find yourself wrestling with random thoughts. That’s okay. Put them aside and keep propelling yourself back into that quiet place. At first this entire practice will be a challenge, but eventually it will become easy for you. There will come a point when you start to look forward to the time in your day when you get sit in silence.
    3. Once you’ve mastered getting into that space of silence, the next step is to practice being there for extended periods. Don’t look for anything in particular to happen. Just be there. Whatever does (or does not) happen is appropriate and correct for your particular experience.
    4. Eventually, in these moments of silence, you will start to feel the power of divine guidance come through.

Divine Guidance: What to look for

It can be difficult at times to know when you are connecting with divine guidance so have a look at the tips below to guide you along as you embark your journey.

  • Divine guidance always shows up as a sense of knowing. Whatever knowledge it passes on will always feel like truth.
  • The knowledge imparted shows up as faint whispers. Compared to a voice in your head, which is usually ego-based and heavy, you feel divine guidance in your heart or chest area and it is always light. We are living in quite a lower dimension compared to our spirit guides. Since their information originates form a higher dimension, it transmits to us much like a faint radio station on the tuner.
  • Information appears within your memory like an instant download.
  • The information you receive will always be loving and perfectly clear. This means that it will accompany a feeling of calm and assurance.

Start Now!

This incredible resource is available to everyone. Don’t let another day go by… Give it a try, practice and stick with it, and keep on observing. You’ll be amazed at what you discover.