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Category: CHAPTER 10

The momentum of action


The Momentum of Action is a state (or, cycle) you will find yourself in once you start consistently taking action in your life… What does it feel like to be in this cycle? It feels wonderful! Once you’ve gained momentum, it will be much easier to continue taking action than it was to initially start. With the momentum of action success is very possible… To get this cycle working for you in your life, however, you must be committed to being a certain way (which is a way of life, really) that’s discussed in this article.

Once you start taking action in your life, you will find it easier to keep yourself going. The catch is to get yourself started, of course. That’s the hard part! But, with action success is within reach. If you want to be the sort of person who continually wins in life (as opposed to somebody who constantly struggles), then you must put yourself within the momentum of action. To do this, you must be:

  • Persistent
    You must be willing to show up everyday and do the work that you need to be doing (even if some days may not be as fun as others). By doing this, you will be securing the future you want. Persistence is about never giving up.
  • Consistent
    You must be willing to stick to your original plan, irrespective of setbacks, how you feel, etc. This is the only way to prevent talking yourself out of what you “originally” wanted, which is what will be most in line with your true desires… Remember, along the way, the struggle of life always creates a haze of fog around us… What’s clear today (about your desires and areas of passion) will not necessarily be as clear tomorrow, especially in the face of adversity. The fog will inevitably set in. That is why it’s important for you to remain committed to your original plan. This is what consistency is about.
  • Disciplined
    You must be willing to do what you said you would do (ie: following through with your lifestyle design). Discipline is about making sure you stay on task.
  • Decisive
    You must be willing to make decisions and you also must stick them once you’ve made them.
  • Focused
    You must be willing to eliminate distractions and rise above the circumstances playing out in your life. If you allow yourself to get tied up into the drama of all your problems, you’ll surely loose your resolve to remain disciplined, consistent and persistent. Focus on your problems at your own risk; they will hold you back. Instead, choose to focus on solutions if your problems cannot be held off and are demanding too much of your attention.
  • Solutions-Orientated
    An extension of the above, you must be willing to be a good problem-solver. Make no mistake, there will surely be problems and obstacles that you will have to overcome. If you allow problems to defeat you, you will stop taking action. However, if you become skilled at turning obstacles into opportunities, you will ensure that you remain active.

The momentum of Action – If you take action success will follow.

A word on persistence & consistency

Persistence is having the ability to push through problems and not give up. It is developed when you experience setbacks and still choose to take action, despite your failures. Developing the ability to “bounce” like this in the face of your problems is a skill that will serve you very well… The more often you push past your problems and therefore, keep yourself “in play,” the more often you will find yourself experiencing the momentum of success and the momentum of action. Once you’ve got the ball rolling, you will find that a good flow of momentum will ensure that your successes stack up higher than failures.

Conversely, consistency is about being able to maintain yourself at a certain level or standard. For instance, if you find that you have successfully been able to persist through certain issues in your life (but not all of them), then you will be lacking consistency in this area. However, if you start to become better at persisting through all your issues, you will have developed consistency. In another words, if you can overcome your problems more often than not, you will have developed the useful skill of consistently being able to succeed in life.

Consistency and persistence are a great combination. Use them together and you will breed your own success! They work in tandem, as a pair… You can be persistent today, tomorrow and even a month from now. But, if you fail to remain persistent after that, what use will all the hard work be that you committed to before stopping? People often experience great persistency early on in a task but soon loose their focus after a short while. Consider New Year’s resolutions with respect to working out and exercising. January seems to be a busy month at local gyms and rec centers (and, you probably already know this if you happen to workout at a gym). There are usually line-ups at the cardio machines… You have wait your turn to use the weights… You even have to wait to get a sip of water at the water fountain! As soon as February rolls around, however, the line-ups at the cross-trainers and treadmills seem to thin out until eventually (usually around March), there’s no wait at all! Persistency goes right out the door (along side any hope of consistency, of course). It goes without saying but nobody is loosing weight or gaining any muscle after February, no matter what their resolutions say, because their persistence and consistency wares off.

The moral of the story is simple: people who are persistent and consistent always win in the end!

Benefits of taking action consistently

The benefits of being able to keep yourself in play are profound. Consider the diagram below:

Making good choices means that you will be taking action consistently and if you do this, you will eventually start to form good habits. With your habits improving, you will start to build up a great resolve (to do better I your life) and as such, you will be in a position to not only recognize all the opportunities around you but to act upon them as well. By acting on opportunities, you end up providing more value to the world around you and in doing so, you get more rewards. As time goes on (and this cycle continues), your rewards will start to come more often and they will also grow in size. This is the spiral upwards that comes form taking consistent action based on making good decisions from the outset.

If you make “taking action” a habit, which means doing that which you must whether you feel like it or not, you will start to experience a tremendous upward spiral in your life, as demonstrated above. This upward spiral is what leads to all kinds of rewards in life (monetary and non-monetary).

For instance, consider the successful businessman who has been both persistent and consistent in his business/work life:

  • he will get paid handsomely for his efforts (monetary rewards)
  • he will experience great satisfaction in knowing that his efforts helped improve peoples lives by introducing some form of value (non-monetary rewards)

See how it works?

Use the detailed approach chronicled above and I guarantee you will always remain active in your life. Hey, it’s better than sitting on the side lines and struggling, right?

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