The decisions you make bear consequences, good or bad. This we can agree on. But have you considered how far those consequences can reach?

The decisions you make today do not just affect you – they have the potential to affect your children and your children’s children. From habits, mind-set, values, how you choose to live, etc… Future generations stand to gain (or, lose) from the decisions that you are making today.


A connection between generations

Picture your family – current and past generations – in a line of succession. We’ll work with the paternal line for this example. See yourself at the bottom, then your father above you, then your grandfather above him and then finally, your great grandfather at the top.

Your great grandfather will have taught certain values and beliefs to his children. Naturally, that’s what parents do; they give their children a model in which to live life. But what if the model handed down is negative? Looking at great grandfather, what if he had the sort of beliefs and values that amounted to a negative way of life – how do you suppose that would have affected his children (in particular, your grandfather)? Naturally, like all his other siblings, your grandfather would have most likely inherited his father’s mindset. If that’s true, then the negative outlook handed down to him would have surely exposed him to plenty of negative possibilities.

Given his upbringing, grandfather would have had two choices: to either live according to his father’s ways or to venture off and forge a new way of life. Now, you must understand… Grandfather’s world, as negative as it may have been, was most likely rooted in comfort and familiarity. That’s not easy to give up – that is, unless there is a major shift in awareness. If grandfather was exposed to a new way of life, then it would have been possible for him to become inspired enough to make changes. We will assume in this case that such a shift in awareness did not occur, which unfortunately left grandfather on the same path as great grandfather. Given this, what do you suppose grandfather taught his own children? Naturally, he will have passed down what his own father taught him, which unfortunately caused the negative legacy to perpetuate.

Now let’s move on to you and your father. Since your father inherited a legacy that was unfortunately more negative than positive, and did not have the opportunity for an awakening, he continued the tradition and raised you with the sort of beliefs and values that he genuinely believed were solid. And so it continues…

Are you beginning to see how thoughts, choices and decisions made today have the power to affect future generations?

[dcs_image align=”left” src=”” w=”620″ h=”300″ mleft=”1″ mtop=”1″ mright=”1″ mbottom=”1″ desc=”FIGURE 1
The decisions you make bear consequences, good or bad. In this figure, we see how the burden of negativity increases over the span of four geneartions. It seems managable at the first level but by the fourth level, the negativity grows to such an extent that reversing it becomes a monumental task. By choosing to break a negative cycle (and opting for positivity), you offer the greatest gift to future generations – a legacy filled with positive possibilities.” lb=”false” /]


The real cost of a negative legacy

At each point in the chain, each father thinks that he is providing a service to his children by teaching them how to live a good life, but little does he know that the legacy he is passing on is steeped in negativity. Being at the bottom of this chain, you now face the horrendous task of having to overcome years of negative programming in order to even just get to a neutral point, let alone a positive one.

The further along one gets into the negative spectrum, the harder it becomes to get back into the positive spectrum because in order to do so, they have to first overcome all the negative programming that’s been handed down to them before they can begin to learn about the positive possibilities available to them. This is key… To overcome a legacy of negativity and then proceed to learn about a world of possibility is no easy feat. Breaking free of the bonds of negativity and taking a leap of faith to learn about new (and better) ways of living requires one to make great sacrifices. Have you ever tried to go against the grain and do something entirely different than what everyone in your family is doing? Chances are that if you have, then you have probably met with plenty of opposition. The same can be said with respect to your circle of friends. The moment you change, it is not uncommon to find that your friendships will change as well.

Wouldn’t it have been easier if great grandfather had pushed grandfather into the spectrum of positive possibilities? Oh how nice that would have been! If that were the case, you’d already be within the spectrum of positive possibilities and you wouldn’t even have to think about dealing with the weight of negative programing!

Have you ever looked at some people and wondered how they seem to whip through life so easily in some areas while you struggle? The disparity between you and these people lies within the domain of beliefs and values. Of course, everybody has their own struggles in life – nobody has the blessing of full immunity against the vigor’s of life! However, some people are able to excel in some areas primarily because of their belief and value systems, ideals handed down to them from their forefathers.


Choices and decisions in action

Let’s take a look at a specific example so that we can see how these principles manifest in life. Illustrated below is the case of a family that breaks free of poverty and another family that struggles with it.

[dcs_image align=”left” src=”” w=”620″ h=”736″ tt=”false” lb=”false” /]


What you think about… What choices and decisions you make… What habits you form… They all affect not only you, but future generations. What you know, cialis coupon- viagra dosage- online pharmacy you teach your children, who then teach their children what they’ve been taught, and so on…

Think of your family – current generations and past – as a group of friends. You become more like the people you hang out with. If your family has a history of imparting good habits, a positive mentality, etc. then future generation stand to gain from that legacy. By the same token, if your family has a history of negativity, future generations stand to inherit those psychological pathologies.


What can you do about all of this?

Unlike all the men before you in your family, you are in the most precarious position because you are the most removed from positive possibilities (assuming that a negative cycle has been running for many generations). Once again, you may not know this, unless there has been some form of awakening on your part. That’s the first step that you must take. Given the fact that you are reading this article now, you are clearly looking to better your life so an awakening is already occurring for you.

The second step is to materialize a vision. Whether you’ve got mentors or somebody you aspire to be like, visualize for yourself a whole new way of living – a reinvention of your lifestyle!

The third step is to map out all the work that must be done to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Mapping out the changes that must be made is important; only then will you know what you must do tomorrow, next week, next month, throughout this year, over the next five years, etc.

The fourth step is commitment. Dedicating yourself to making changes is essential. It is not easy to change; it is hard work. You will have to make changes within yourself but also, you will have to contend with people around (friends and family) who may try to hold you back, as good as their intentions might be. Stick with your plan, nonetheless. Remember, the goal is to put yourself (and future generations) within the spectrum of positive possibilities.

Always remember: you have the power to change anything in your life, if you are motivated enough to do so. Do the exercise below and start making changes today. Future generations will benefit tremendously from your work!



Think about what’s not working in your life. Unlike the generations before us, we know more about the power of the mind and how to use it. By visualizing a new way of life, you can make changes. But, to get the ball rolling, you have to first increase your awareness to new possibilities. Once you’ve done that, you must then commit yourself to the hard work ahead that’s involved in changing.


Download Worksheet


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