Limiting Beliefs can hold you back, keeping you stuck in life (or an aspect of it). For instance, consider the story about the elephant and the chain.

As a baby, an elephant had always been tied by the ankle with a chain. The chain was attached to a stake in the ground, preventing it from being able to roam free. The baby elephant tried to break free many times, but to no avail, it always failed. Eventually it gave up even trying to regain it’s freedom. As the elephant grew bigger and stronger it had enough physical prowess to break free of the chain, but by this point, it had already been conditioned to not even try. The past was filled with enough failures… Why would the future be any different? In reality, it could break the chain in all but a heartbeat.

Subconscious conditioning is powerful and it is where limiting beliefs reside. The elephant thinks it can’t be free, therefore it is not. It’s stuck due to a false sense of imprisonment.

Are you doing this to yourself in your own life?

Relate this story to anything in your life that does not work and you’ll likely see that you’ve put that ‘chain’ on yourself, effectively rendering yourself ‘stuck,’ just like the elephant.

Try This:

Grab a sheet of paper and make three columns:

  1. The area of life in which you are stuck
  2. Related toxic thought patterns (your chain)
  3. Healthy thought patterns (your freedom)

Start shifting your toxic thoughts to healthy thoughts. You have the power to challenge your beliefs, just like elephant has the power to challenge the chain, if only it knew better. You have that advantage.

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