Is it true that thoughts create your reality?

We live in a world where everything is physical so how can something as intangible as thoughts transform the physical? As it turns out, thoughts do much more than we realize.

This is how it works:

  1. First, there’s a thought
  2. This thought is energy so it acts as a point of attraction
  3. This point of attraction draws similar energies towards itself
  4. You interact with this energy
  5. This interaction goes on to produce a physical outcome

In these five steps, something that is seemingly immaterial (your thoughts) goes on to have an effect on something that is physical (an outcome in your life).

Everything is Energy

When Einstein defined energy and mass as being the same (with his famous equation, E=mc2) he essentially paved the way for us to understand the nature of energy and how it affects us.

But, thoughts do not have any physical mass so how can they be energy?

Actually, thoughts are physical. You just can’t see them. Let’s look into this further. What are thoughts? Biologically speaking, to have a thought, your neurons need to process an electrical impulse. As this impulse travels from one neuron to the next, throughout a vast network of nerve cells in your brain, a thought occurs. As such, the thought exists due to physiology. This is what makes it physical. The process, on a cellular level, is quite complex. In the interest of keeping things simple, we will leave it at this: ions flow in and out of nerve cells to create an electrical impulse (within the nerve cell itself) and neurotransmitters are then used to relay impulses between nerve cells. So, what are ions and neurotransmitters? Neurotransmitters are molecules and ions are atoms. Molecules are made up of atoms so essentially, when you break it down, molecules are atoms as well. So, what are atoms? Atoms are single units that contain sub-atomic particles (electrons and protons and neutrons). So, what are sub-atomic particles? The level of differentiation stops here, however, we still haven’t  understood where energy fits in. The sub-atomic particles that make up an atom are very tiny in size in comparison to the size of the atom itself, so an atom contains a lot of open space. What’s in this open space?


And, there’s a lot of empty space so there is more energy in an atom than there is physical matter. The proportion is quite staggering. It’s about 99% energy versus 1% matter.

You are 99% Energy

If an atom is 99% energy then you are 99% energy because at your core, the billions of cells inside your body are made up of atoms! As for all the wonderful things that orchestrate your physiology, it’s all energy too. This means that…

  • Whatever makes you think – that’s energy
  • Whatever makes you feel – that’s energy
  • Whatever turns you on – that’s energy
  • Whatever digests your food and moves your muscles – that’s energy

And, none of this ends with you… Everything around you  is composed exactly how you are composed. This means that you live in a world that is also 99% energy.

What does this mean for you?

You are an energetic being, first and foremost, and then a physical being.

That said, it’s important to learn how to work with energy because it defines our lives more than we realize it. Dare I say it, but everything physical is an illusion and that which we cannot see with your eyes is actually what’s real!

A big part of working with energy is learning how to use your thoughts to draw the sort of energy you want into your life. Unfortunately, we are so conditioned to do the opposite. We focus on things that we don’t want, we worry unnecessarily, and we entertain fears and doubts. We ought to try the opposite, no matter how silly it might seem at first. We always have the option to choose a positive outlook versus a negative one, and a positive mindset always leads to solutions… So why don’t we utilize this great resource more often?

That is perhaps one of the great mysteries of life. Even now, as we learn more about our quantum nature, and how energy can affect the physical, there is still a tendency to focus on the negative. Just turn on the news or catch any reality TV show and you’ll see more negativity than positivity.

What you focus on expands

If thoughts are energy then your attention is energy. If like attracts like, then how you choose to direct your attention has a direct influence on what shows up in your life.

Watch this video:

Pretend like the universe around you is Google. Your thoughts represent the keyword that gets typed into the search box. Whatever your thoughts are, Google (the universe) will deliver to you the most relevant and appropriate results to match your request. Change your focus, and the results change.

Life functions this way. The universe is the ultimate search engine! Whatever energy (thoughts) you feed it, it will return back to you results that are a match.

Are you buying this?

How about you try before you buy?

Go out into the world and deliberately focus your thoughts on something – whether positive or negative – and maintain this thought process for a few days. You’ll notice how things suddenly pop up into your life that match your line of thinking, as if by coincidence.

If this approach seems odd to you, then work backwards. Examine the current state of affairs in your life (in an area that you want to change or improve) and then backtrack and examine thoughts. Do you notice a thought process or pattern that has led you to where you are at the moment?

If none of the above suggestion resonate with you, try this: continue living life as you normally do, only keep your eyes and ears open for the next few weeks. Pay attention to your thoughts and then notice if your outcomes match up to them.

One way or the other, you will begin to notice that thoughts do create your life.